Free Guide For Expecting Moms

Scripts for Advocacy 

Are you struggling to come up with the words to share your birth preferences with your provider? Or maybe, you know what you want, but unsure how to advocate for it. I’ve got you! 

These scripts will help you:

  • Communicate to your provider effectively and respectfully because you deserve collaborative care
  • Learn what conversations are important to have to avoid feeling like you're being backed into a corner
  • Know how to start hard conversations with your provider so you can be an informed birthing person
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HeHe Stewart is the Founder of Tranquility by HeHe Maternity Concierge, the creator of The Birth Lounge, and Dad Daze. With a Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies and 10 years in the Family Life Education field, HeHe helps women prepare for childbirth with research-backed education and expert support to have a confident birth experience while feeling informed and in control of labor. She is also a pro with preparing for postpartum, helping you master feeding your tiny human and understanding newborn sleep! 

She and her team serve pregnant people and their families across the US and internationally with prenatal, birth and postpartum care.

She hosts The Birth Lounge Podcast. The show features leading experts in the pregnancy, women's health, and childhood development so parents can understand how to have an informed and confident birth!