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Your partner wants to help, they just aren't sure HOW to help.


Good News: I'm going to teach them exactly what to do!


My name is HeHe. I teach parents how to have an informed and confident birth! I  prepare dads to be strong and dependable support so their wife (and baby) can avoid birth trauma and the family unit can gently transition to their new life together.
I've walked hand-in-hand with parents over and over again as they welcome their children in to the world and I have learned exactly what it takes to prepare dads to not only know what their wives need in labor, but also how to execute that support!
I have designed this program based on feedback from thousands of fathers and what they wish they had known BEFORE becoming a father. So, here's your chance to learn how to be encouraging in those weeks leading up to labor, how to advocate for her in labor and how to be supportive during postpartum! 

What will we cover?


This course will help prepare for:

Labor & Delivery

Everything dads need to know to support mom (and yourself!) through the birthing process from interacting with hospital staff to comforting contractions!


-Overview of different stages of labor, from early contractions to delivery

-What is going on in her head in each stage of labor + pain relief options (including medications and non-pharmacological approaches)

-Physical & emotional changes in each stage of labor + your role in supporting her

-How you can advocate & communicate for her goals and preferences to medical staff 

The Shift in Yourself

Parenthood is going to change your whole world - we walk him through financial preparations, emotional support, and connecting as a couple after baby. 


-How to prepare yourself to speak up for your wife + be an active participant in labor 

-Familiarize yourself with what to expect from the hospital system and how to navigate hospital policy 

-Clarification around Labor and Delivery terminology + making informed decisions in the hospital system

-What you need to be considering when it comes to financially planning for baby + time off 

After Birth

We break down his role, mood disorders, understanding milk supply, and share interviews with other Dads covering everything they wish they'd known!


-How to maintain a positive and calm environment + being an active listener in postpartum 

-Understanding postpartum emotions and how your relationship may be impacted

-What questions to ask BEFORE your baby arrives to prepare you for a smooth postpartum transition

-The importance of supporting breastfeeding, bonding with the newborn, and sharing caregiving responsibilities

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Empower your partner to know how to support you in pregnancy, labor and postpartum!

Help him feel prepared to advocate for you and your baby!

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Dad Daze is designed to teach dads how to prepare for birth and postpartum!


 He will walk away with everything he needs to know about supporting you in labor, advocating for your birth goals, providing pain relief and understanding the stages of labor! Once your baby arrives, he will be able to jump right into his new role of Dad with all the skills to care for you (shifting the mental load, helping with housework, understanding postpartum emotions and keeping you nourished) and baby (swaddling, feeding, and sleep). Plus he will hear from other dads about their experience! Dad Daze is comprehensive preparation bringing clarity around birth and postpartum to Dads! 

Why this will change his life?

Proper Support 


 He will learn how to be the best support in late pregnancy (encouraging you on hard days, prepping your body for labor), in labor (pain relief, advocating) and in postpartum (supporting feeding your baby, managing visitors). He has worries about feeling helpless, not knowing what to do, or being unable to ease their partner's pain and discomfort-- this course will teach him exactly what to do and stress the importance of his genuine support.

What to Expect?


The fastest way to build your partner's confidence in being proper support for you to educate them on what is normal and what is not normal. When he feels prepared for what to expect, he can advocate for your goals and say it with his whole chest. He will learn what to expect in labor at home, at the hospital and after bringing baby home including navigating sleep deprivation and postnatal anxiety.

Strong Foundations 


ow he can best serve We know that having a partner rooted in strong foundations can make it or break it in this journey. Your husband will be able to identify tasks that need to be completed before baby arrives (incl. financial planning), communication that need to happen to set healthy expectations and he can best serve you in postpartum while balancing the impact of new parenthood on your relationship. 

Why this will change your (mom) life?

Emotional Support & Safety in Labor 


This course will teach your husband your innate need for emotional support during labor and how to deliver that support to help manage the intensity of the experience! He will also learn the importance of your birth goals, how to be informed of your preferences and how to advocate for them at each stage of labor. He will walk away knowing how to be an active participant in labor and provide you with pain relief options and coping strategies during the process. As circumstances change in labor, he will be able to pivot alongside you understanding that flexibility is crucial.

Teamwork = Dreamwork


This course will teach your husband how to dive into self-reflection to prepare themselves for the shift in their identity that comes with becoming a dad. He will have access to questions to think though, financial considerations, and conversations to the before baby arrives so your home can be well prepared for your little one! He will walk away understanding how to facilitate a strong sense of teamwork when it comes to parenting responsibilities and learning your new baby. We will discuss collaborative decision-making and a willingness to adapt as your baby grows.

Support in the Days After Birth 


This course will teach your husband the importance of partner support in postpartum and how having the right support can improve your chances of breastfeeding and decrease your risk of postpartum mood disorders. He will also learn about physical recovery, hormonal changes and the emotional shifts that can happen after birth.¬†He will walk away understanding how to provide practical and emotional support + how to assume additional household responsibilities as you shift to life with a newborn. We will encourage him to prioritize a ‚Äėself-care hour‚Äô for you as well as patience for all the ‚Äėfirsts‚Äô of being a new parent!

Prepare your Partner Now! 

There's no better investment than giving your partner the tools he needs to feel engaged, prepared and confident in his ability to support and advocate for you in labor! 

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