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I'm going to help you feel in control of your pregnancy to prepare for birth and navigate the fear around childbirth by exploring your options with evidence based information and honest, raw conversation with professionals and other mamas like you.

 The Birth Lounge is your go-to place to learn from experts, calm your fears, and have all your pregnancy and birth questions answered! 

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I'm changing the way people birth forever.

I know what you're afraid of during labor and I'm going to teach you how to calm your fears by using evidence-based, research-backed information so you feel educated and empowered to make informed decisions about you body, your baby, and your care during labor and delivery.

1. You're afraid of the pain. Not only am I going to teach you how to manage the pressures and sensations of labor, but I am going to teach your partner exactly what their role is and how they can help you with pain relief management! We are going to dive into the spectrum of natural pain relief to medical pain relief so you know and understand the pro's and con's of each option. 

2. You're afraid for the safety of your baby and yourself. I am going to teach you everything you need to know about labor including what's normal vs. not normal, what constitutes and emergency vs. what's pretty common, and what to be on the look out for to ensure your baby is healthy throughout labor. The better you understand the natural physiological process, the easier it is to mentally cope with your body's response to labor. 

3. You're afraid of not being included in the decision making process about your own body. I am going to teach you how to create a failproof birth plan, communicate that to your birth team (medical and personal), and learn how to advocate, in the moment, for the care you want and deserve during your birth. You will know how to clearly express your birth goals and control the birth room. 


Hi I’m HeHe and I’m here to help you have a luxurious pregnancy and easy labor! I have been helping women transition to parenthood for the last 10 years. Now, I’m here to help you have a safe and gentle birth where you are in control from start to finish. The Birth Lounge is specifically designed for women who have a desire to make educated decisions along the journey of pregnancy and birth. The lounge is your perfect birth prep if you're ready to know your options so you can feel in control of your pregnancy. learn pain relief to support you in labor, and experience an empowered and respectful birth. 

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The Core Lessons include videos that will step you through creating your birth plan, learning how to control your environment and mindset during labor, pain management techniques, and our secret sauce pushing technique!  We share what to pack in your birth bag and exactly what you need for postpartum healing, breastfeeding, and infant care! This is the most comprehensive childbirth preparation because we know you can do this. 


Broken down into categories, The Lounge Files will break down all the science behind the core trainings plus help you understand your rights and research your birth preferences to design your ideal birth. Also stored here are articles, freebies, interviews, blog posts & customized meditations (for each month of pregnancy). There are even resources to prepare your partner! These resources will answer all the questions about weird sh*t that happens in pregnancy! All content is based in evidence-based information and research-backed recommendations. It's important to have evidence-based information to help you advocate for your ideal birth goals.


We have the most amazing and warm community where folks share their birth stories, ask for advice, navigate common fears, and find meaningful friendships during this season of life. From feeding your baby, to sleep, to mindset and having hard conversations--we dive into it all. We meet once a week on Facebook live and chat about all things getting pregnant, having a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy, preparing for your birth, bringing your baby home, caring for your baby, and finding your new normal.

The lounge will change your life. 

Having studied the lifespan and development of humans for 10 years, I know there is so much missing in the care that new moms receive during pregnancy and after birth. I knew traditional childbirth prep didn’t even skim the surface of what women really needed to prepare for labor, not to mention all the questions that come up in pregnancy. So I set out to change a few broken pieces of modern maternity care and create the best birth preparation for women who wanted to remain in control of their labors. Birth after birth, I was able to step women through navigating pregnancy, exploring their birth preferences, and preparing for labor. I began to notice a pattern and quickly realized almost all birth trauma could be avoided. I had just watched it happen time after time. I had created the "secret sauce" and pregnant women were taking control of their births, one after another. 

Ideal births are not rare events--it just requires specific preparation.

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Is The Birth Lounge right for you?

The CEO Mama We have streamlined birth and applied systems to preparing for your baby -- can you imagine anything better?! That’s right -- all the research, all the answers to your questions, all the savings codes for the best baby gear -- it’s all there! We’ve done all the work for you to make sure you don’t waste any time. Who has extra of that?! We know how precious your time is and we understand how important preparing for your birth is so we made it as easy as possible! 

The Anxious Mama Having a baby is scary, no doubt. Birth is filled with “trusting in your body” and trying to predict the unknown. Once your baby gets here, your life is going to change drastically in so many amazing ways. We have put together the perfect prep that breaks this entire process of pregnancy and transitioning to life with a tiny human into digestible chunks. We will teach you everything you need to know about birthing your child, getting them home and fostering healthy habits from sleep, to feeding, to understanding your child's development. After dipping your toes in the lounge, you won’t be able to stop from diving in head first! Come find your confidence! 

The Informed Mama You want to be in control and I’m here to say, “Me too, sister!” Over the past few years of attending births, I realized that when women know what their options are, even if they aren’t wonderful options, they feel safe and in control of their experience. It’s when things go awry and way off course that we see birth trauma emerge and leave nasty and deep wounds. I have witnessed so many perfect births that went exactly as planned and I want to teach you how you can have the same experience.

The ‘I want a hands off doula experience’ Mama You know instantly if you are one of these mamas! You might want the support of a doula, but only because you’ve heard how amazing they are! But let’s be honest, having someone actually in your birth room feels...weird. I get that. I get that one thousand percent. The Birth Lounge will give you the perfect support! You will get the support of having a doula during pregnancy and still reserve the birth room as a private space for you and your partner. You will be prepared thoroughly to manage your labor on your own and we will be patiently awaiting the announcement of your little one to shower them in love and support you in postpartum!

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You don’t know what you don’t know, but guess what?! Now you CAN know and you CAN be in control and have a calm, gentle birth. What are you waiting for? You do not get a birth re-do! Let us help you navigate this pivotal time in your life where everything is changing. We created this community to help every mama have an informed and empowered birth that is trauma free! Don't turn to google for the weird things that pop into your head! Instead trust that The Birth Lounge has the compiled all the latest research and resources to reduce your sense of overwhelm and avoid risking the integrity of the information you consume.

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SIX MONTHS with the The Birth Lounge by your side! 

-Weekly Lives with HeHe to teach live modules, answer FAQ's, dive deeper into a hot topic, or share updates 

-You will have access to all of the EXCLUSIVE lounge trainings that step you through the rest of your pregnancy (how to get some sleep), birth (best birth positions to reduce tearing), and postpartum (how to prevent your baby from spitting up)

-Concierge Key Files where we store all the latest research and recommendations, tools designed for your birth goals and resources helpful in pregnancy and motherhood

-Access to our private membership community of moms that are expecting a baby soon, too!

-Access to exclusive meditations created especially for lounge members based on your month of pregnancy, encouraging labor to begin, and how to calm anxious feelings

-Access to "The Expert's Lounge" where you will hear from experts and professionals in the birth world and women's health like April Davis, Chelsea Skaggs, and Dr. Amy. These conversations will not be posted anywhere else. 

- Birth Mail! HeHe will mail you her favorite pain relief tool to use during your labor and delivery!

You'll have 24/7 access to the lounge and all of our birth and postpartum resources. Recurring payments billed monthly. 

We will be accepting a LIMITED amount of 'Tier 2' memberships for The Birth Lounge.

Limiting memberships will allow us to include more personalizations including a birth plan audit with a TBH team member who will help you create your perfect birth plan!

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SIX MONTHS with the The Birth Lounge by your side!

-Weekly Lives with HeHe to teach live modules, answer FAQ's, dive deeper into a hot topic, or share updates 

-You will have access to all of the EXCLUSIVE lounge trainings that step you through the rest of your pregnancy (how to get some sleep), birth (best birth positions to reduce tearing), and postpartum (how to prevent your baby from spitting up)

-Concierge Key Files where we store all the latest research and recommendations, tools designed for your birth goals and resources helpful in pregnancy and motherhood

-Access to our private membership community of moms that are expecting a baby soon, too! 

You'll have 24/7 access to the lounge and all of our birth and postpartum resources. Recurring payments billed monthly. 

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By committing to an annual lounge membership, your discount equates to FOUR months FREE.

A FULL year with the team by your side! Perfect for the mama who KNOWS she is ready to take control of her journey into parenthood, plus values a strong community with deep rooted relationships.

You'll receive a full TIER 2 membership for 12 months and have 24/7 access to the lounge and all of our birth and postpartum resources.

One-time charge of $799.00 to secure lounge membership. 

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Like anything worth having, we are so confident that The Birth Lounge will change your life and help you avoid birth trauma, we are going to let you try it before you buy it! We want you to taste the magic! If you like what you see, join. If you don't, take what you've learned and walk away. This is a 5 day trial to the lounge with NO COMMITMENT at the end.

Here’s what I’m changing about your story:

I believe that the trauma experienced during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum impact women (and therefore, your baby) on a far deeper scale since it is such a sensitive time. I'm going to teach you how to harness your inner power to stay in control during birth (and remain confident through all the fear-based care). I feel strongly that the only antidote to fear is exploration and our team is here to help you navigate those uncomfortable feelings.

  1. Teach you what questions you need to ask when searching for the perfect hospital and provider 
  2. Teach you how to navigate pregnancy and master your mindset for birth 
  3. Teach you the importance of a birth plan and how to stay in control during labor
  4. Teach you how to avoid a c-section and take control of your birth experience 
  5. Teach you pain relief and comfort measures to birth like a queen


By investing in your birth, you will feel more prepared for the journey into parenthood starting during pregnancy. We will navigate any fears holding you back and you will be instantly connected to a warm community of like-minded mamas who are also giving this parenting thing a try! We will empower you to master your mindset and make choices you feel confident in through education and consistent support. We will craft your ideal birth and help you rewrite the traditional narrative of postpartum struggles by preparing you for that transition and continuing to support you through the fourth trimester. We recognize the importance of preparing before your baby arrives. Our work prenatally will help you know what to expect, build your toolbox both emotionally and physically, and help you create a plan that has proven to be helpful in hundreds homes.

Take control of your birth!

Become a lounge mama to harness the power of your self-confidence to have the birth of your dreams!

Here's what I'm teaching!


  • Guidance for your birth plan
  • How to choose your birth team
  • How to stay in control during labor
  • Ways you can prepare your mindset for birth 
  • Suggestions for physical preparation for labor
  • How to have conversations with your provider
  • Coping mechanisms and pain management techniques for labor
  • How to push with your body and have your baby in less than 1 hour of pushing


What do you get in The Birth Lounge?

This is your one-stop-shop for preparing for your baby and planning for postpartum!

We have intentionally designed this program to walk you through, step-by-step, of how to prepare for, plan for, and achieve your ideal birth without the stress and anxiety. Our goal is to helping you avoid birth trauma. We want to help you harness those endorphins to find the confidence through fear!

We do weekly live calls to discuss topics that you need to know going into your labor like when to call your doula and doctor, when to head to the hospital, what to pack in your birth bag, and how to know you're in labor. You will get the concierge key to unlock The Lounge Files which has streamlined all the research and current recommendations plus what other countries practice for you to explore. This will help equip you with all the information you need to make informed decisions throughout your labor. 

Our Tier 2 members is granted access to customized meditations for each month of pregnancy, exclusive interviews in The Expert Lounge, and HeHe mails you her favorite pain relief tool to use in labor!  

Our most recent calls have been about choosing a pediatrician, what the science says about circumcision, how to choose the correct bottle for your baby, and everything you need to know about storing breastmilk. We also talked about hemorrhoids, the glucose test, and how testing GBS+ will impact your labor plans. You will be surrounded by other new parents walking this same path. We are always cheering one another on in the high times and encouraging each other in the low times. This is a community where expecting parents have asked about placenta previa, prenatal screenings, and pubic pain in pregnancy. We also have parents who seek out suggestions for breastfeeding tips, sleep support, and, sometimes, just to hear they aren't alone.

This is a self-paced, go-as-you-please membership. You won't find any traumatizing birth videos or scary stats. However, you will find support for your partner, data-driven answers, and confidence in your body and your baby!

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Are you ready to take control of your birth and master your mindset for labor?

The Birth Lounge Podcast

A safe space for parents to hear what the experts have to say and for honest conversations on parenthood! Join HeHe Stewart, founder of Tranquility by HeHe Maternity Concierge, for a dialogue leaving you empowered and informed.


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