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Birth should be a judgement-free zone where you feel informed, heard and able to birth in the position that feels most comfortable to you.

The birth lounge teaches you how to have an informed and confident birth (medicated or unmedicated) and reduce your risk of a c-section with research-backed childbirth education and my signature CONTROL Method.

(so YOU remain in control from start to finish!)


It's like having a doula in your pocket!

(Literally, there's an app!)


Hi! I’m HeHe and I’m here to teach you the all variables and normal variations of birth so you know how to stay in control throughout labor! 

I’m a Family Life Educator with 10 years of experience in supporting families, an Infant Feeding Specialist, and Birth/Postpartum Doula. My passion is helping pregnant women prepare for their birth with research-backed education and expert support to have an informed and confident birth in an environment that is a judgement-free zone where you feel heard and encouraged to birth in the position that feels most comfortable to you.

Join the lounge!


 Traditional childbirth preparation won't help you... 

1. Achieve quicker/shorter push times to avoid tearing and pelvic floor damage

2. Educate you on what's normal vs. not in order to communicate your birth goals & feel heard by your providers

3. Teach you (and your partner!) natural and medical pain relief options to help you stay in control during labor

4. Understand your options at each stage of labor so nothing is pushed or forced on your during labor

5. How to have conversations with your provider about your birth preferences


But The Birth Lounge does exactly that!



Oh yeah... This is important, too!


1. WE HAVE A 3% C-SECTION RATE. With a national average of 33%, the lounge takes your chances from 1 in 3 to 1 in 33. Decreases your chances of a c-section by 30%!!! 

2. AVERAGE PUSHING TIME OF 32 MINUTES FOR FIRST TIME MOMS. Hundreds of women have pushed their baby out using our C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Method for quick pushing time and no/minimal tearing. 

3. A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESSFUL BREASTFEEDING.  The key is to prepare before your baby gets here and the lounge helps you set a solid foundation based on your feeding goals! 

The Birth Lounge will teach you:

The C.O.N.TR.O.L Method

- How to design your ideal birth through intentional and respectful conversation with your provider

- How to create a birth plan that helps you stay in control of birth

- Pain relief (both, natural & medical)

- How to push effectively (even with an epidural!)

- How to communicate with your providers

- How to control the birth room environment

-How to master your mindset for birth


- What's normal vs. not

- Your baby's development

-Meditations for each month of pregnancy + encouragement of labor, placenta previa, and anxiety

-How to visualize your ideal birth

-A master checklists to help you stay on top of baby planning and create your ultimate baby registry

-A packing list for your hospital bag 


-Current national and international recommendations

-Latest research by national and international institutes and organizations on things like induction, labor augmentation, and c-sections

-Explanation of viral clinical trials (often used as fear tactics)

-Guest interviews with experts like OBGYN's, pediatricians, pelvic floor therapists, and postpartum specialists

I know what you're afraid of during labor.


1. You're afraid of the pain. I'm going to show you how to manage the pressures and sensations of birth plus exactly how your partner can help you with pain relief management! 

2. You're afraid of not being listened to during labor. I'm showing you exactly what to expect including what's normal vs. not normal, what constitutes an emergency vs. what's pretty common, for you to better understand the natural physiological process & not be pressured into anything that doesn't feel aligned.

3. You're afraid of the "unknowns". I'm not new to birth. The C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Method compiles all my experience to show you have to turn birth into a predictable and controlled experience where you have options! 

This is a hands-on, high-touch birth preparation!

1. Stages of labor and what to expect from each stage (yes, there are three stages!)

2. Pain relief in all stages of labor to help find the comfort measures perfect for you (natural and medicinal)

3. How to push effectively (and reduce tearing!) for a quick pushing time

4. How to know when you’re in labor and when to go to the hospital

5. How your partner can support you in each stage of labor

6. What does the research say about big babies, inductions, c-sections and other variations in birth

7. How to avoid a c-section and stay in control of your mindset during labor

8. How to communicate your birth goals and ensure your decisions are respected during labor


This membership is going to change the way you birth forever by answering all your biggest questions and calming your fears about childbirth!


to educate yourself about your birth choices from the comfort of your home.


so you can go at your own pace and learn what you want to learn about your childbirth experience


so you can make educated & informed decisions about your body, your baby, and your care


so you can access The Birth Lounge right from your phone even while you're in labor! 

A message from our founder:


I can't wait to see you in The Birth Lounge!

How to Feel Informed and Birth Confidently Without Feeling Rushed or Pressured into Decision

The 'unknowns' of labor is one of the scariest parts! However, there are so many things you can control! This FREE course will show you the most common places women lose control in labor and how you can prepare to make decisions about your birth!

Take Control NOW!

The Birth Lounge Podcast

A safe space for parents to hear what the experts have to say and for honest conversations on parenthood! Join HeHe Stewart, founder of Tranquility by HeHe Maternity Concierge, for a dialogue leaving you empowered and informed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Doors will be open for enrollment in the lounge the first week of September, December, March, and June.


  • Guidance for your birth plan
  • How to choose your birth team
  • How to stay in control during labor
  • Ways you can prepare your mindset for birth 
  • Suggestions for physical preparation for labor
  • How to have conversations with your provider
  • Coping mechanisms and pain management techniques for labor
  • How to push with your body and have your baby in less than 1 hour of pushing


What's great about this membership is that you can join us when we are live in the birth lounge weekly or watch all the videos (including our recorded live content) on your own time. 

As long as you are a member, you will have access to everything we teach.


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