Secret Sauce to Pushing Course


  • How to properly push during labor to reduce push time and tearing
  • We teach you the mechanics of birth and mechanics of your body
  • We talk about breathing effectively during pushing
  • We cover pushing with an epidural
  • Most FAQ for Kayla and HeHe answered!

We’re so excited to bring you this dynamic training on how to push during birth! Fitness Instructor, Kayla Mehr, and Birth Doula, HeHe, are combing forces to teach you body mechanics, breathing during pushing, and the best pushing positions to birth your baby!

Pushing like you are taking a poop, pushing when your baby is too high up, or pushing with too heavy of an epidural are big no-no’s and we are stepping you through exactly how to avoid pushing for hours and hours! We are going to teach you how to evaluate when you are ready to push and how to engage in spontaneous pushing which yields shorter push times and better neonatal outcomes than provider guided pushing.

You will learn how to push quickly but effectively so that you can have a better birth! We’re going to teach you positions that are helpful to birth in! We’re gonna teach you about epidural use and how to push with an epidural! And, I’m going to show you how to protect your perineum!

You will have unlimited access for one year plus access to a Q&A with Kayla & HeHe to answer the most frequently asked questions about pushing!

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