FREE  MASTERCLASS for Expectant Mamas!


How to Feel Informed and Birth Confidently without Feeling Rushed or Pressured into Decisions


In this class you will learn:

☑️ How to ask the right questions at the right time using right words using research backed information to discuss your options with your doctor

☑️ How to control the birth room environment so your birth is peaceful and calm 

☑️ How to share your birth goals so you can birth in the way that feels most comfortable to you 

☑️ How to make sure you are listened to in labor so you are not pressured or coerced into a into a decision

☑️How your birth experience impacts your postpartum experience 


Hi I’m HeHe! I’m a Family Life Educator with 10 years of experience in supporting families, an Infant Feeding Specialist, and Birth/Postpartum Doula.

My passion is helping pregnant women prepare for their birth with research-backed education and expert support to have an informed and confident birth in an environment that is a judgement-free zone where you feel heard and encouraged to birth in the position that feels most comfortable to you.