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For the pregnant person who knows they deserves the BEST birth experience:

Learn how to have an informed and confident birth (medicated or unmedicated) and reduce your risk of a c-section by 50%!

 Great births don't just happen... They are prepared for!
...one decision at a time!

You decide the WHAT. I'll show you the HOW! 

For the same price at traditional childbirth education, you can have customized birth support from me, a doula in your back pocket ($2,500 value), a science-backed method to birthing your baby (to shorten your labor, shorten your push time, and reduce tearing), natural and medical pain relief education to reduce your c-section risk and a like minded parent community by your side. 

With results like these..

It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About
Our Unique Approach to preparing for birth!

Childbirth Education kind of sucks. Especially if you take it in a hospital- where the teacher is literally paid to teach you hospital policies, right?!

And if you’re like most of the expecting parents I work with, you have an ideal birth experience in your mind...

...but you aren't sure how to achieve it. 

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you are currently expecting (or want to be!)...

Your ideal birth will NOT  plan itself! 

Think about it! You can sit there hoping your birth goes as planned, but wouldn't it be smarter (and honestly, probably easier in the long run!) to learn the simple tweaks needed to take control of your labor?

So, if you’re doing this:

Childbirth Education that doesn't work for YOU ūü§ģ

(In-hospital childbirth education is loyal to the hospital...that's where they get their paycheck!) then...


I mean... is it working? If you’re one of the 33% of women whose births ended in an unplanned C-section, your answer is very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because when you’re leaving information on the table, sometimes
it’s as simple as picking it up!

And you will start picking up that information in easily digestible chunks when you join The Birth Lounge... 

Provides support through all stages of bringing baby earth side. 

Helps you answer the 'what', 'where', 'when' 'why' and 'how' questions.

Prevents trauma by educating about unnecessary interventions

Shows YOU how to be your greatest advocate in the birth room.

And... it does all of this for you without ANY bias! I work for you. Not a hospital! You decide the WHAT. I'll show you the HOW!

birth knowledge IT ALSO:


Looking at these loooong to do lists during pregnancy...
you’re probably thinking...

"But my doctor says to sign up for childbirth ed at the hospital!"

And isn't that easier?... and you’re right! That's why MOST people never bother to look for outside education. But have YOU ever heard a birth story with an unexpected ending?

Of course! Chances are, you have at least one friend or family member that was blindsided in their labor, right?

You have heard the stories...

or at least the parts that got your attention...

and you listened for those important details relevant to making your decisions down the line...

But now that it's your turn, do you really know everything you need going into your birth?!

...And who do you think should be in charge of your education?

A hospital employee...?

An outdated childbirth book?


You should be in control.

It is so important that you utilize childbirth education that includes *EVERYTHING* you need to make an informed decision...

You want MORE control, not interventions, right?

The reality is, without the proper education and preparation it can be very easy to be coerced into small (... but unnecessary) interventions. And even JUST ONE unnecessary intervention can change the course of your labor.

So, now that you see just how vital the right childbirth education is to your ideal birth, you may begin to feel the slightly daunting and intimidating task of actually finding it...

DO YOU CURRENTLY spend half your pregnancy on google?

If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see the value of proper education in pregnancy and birth and what it could do for your pregnancy and labor... but you might also be thinking,

“How will I possibly learn everything I need to know before this baby comes?!”

What do I even say in my prenatals? How do I even say it? And how do I make sure I’m prepared without becoming overwhelmed?!

It can be so daunting and intimidating that you avoid it looking for other
ways to stay busy and distracted in your pregnancy and life instead.

And I get it.

But here's a favorite secret of mine:

GREAT Births AREN'T planned FROM

we walk you through it all...

...IN steps!

You see, I crafted my CONTROL method to walk you through my exact process to staying in control during labor. It consists of 6 steps And if you’re missing even just one section, you run the risk of losing control. Not knowing your rights. Not understanding how to say 'No.'

We take you through ONE step at a time. 

There is also a specific ORDER to each of those steps. PLUS... we show you the science and research to back up EVERY WORD we say.

So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions for each of those steps? 

Imagine if you could follow these steps with ease... EVEN if you’ve never had a baby before in your life!

No more overwhelm!

No more wondering what if!

No more wasting time on endless google searches!

Imagine for just a moment...

..that you had a step-by-step process for supporting you throughout your prenatals, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum....

...imagine you could sit in your cute cozies watching one video a day...

...YOU CAN! I created The Birth Lounge to provide EVERYTHING you need to know to have a truly informed birth experience.

And once it’s done... it’s done! You won't have to wonder if you missed something. If you didn't ask the right questions. If the research was up to date. 

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.


My Simple Step-by-Step, Research-backed System for creating and empowered birth experience.


It’s time to give control back to the patient!

Just like it’s done for our past clients:

SEE what's waiting for you inside once you become a member…

The Birth Lounge teaches my special C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Method that leads to shorter pushing times, less pain in labor, and decreased tearing.

  1. Communication (with your provider and your partner)
  2. Empathy & Warning (Consequence)
  3. Introduce the Solution/Vehicle
  4. Team (who is on your team)
  5. Social Proof
  6. Opinion (YOUR gut instinct)
  7. The Pricing Table

Detailed video trainings, fill-in-the-blank scripts to use throughout your pregnancy, and PDF cheat sheets!

join today for just $299




My BEST Selling 'Secret Sauce to Pushing' Course


Imagine just how much easier it will be to welcome your little one into the world once you learn EFFECTIVE pushing techniques! blanks! With this course, I teach you everything you need to know to efficiently push while protecting your body! Secret Sauce to Pushing covers:

  • ¬† Mechanics of Birth
    covering everything you need to understand about your body in labor
  • ¬† Mechanics of¬†Pushing
    covering two effective pushing methods and education on perineum protection to reduce tearing.
  • ¬† Diaphragmatic Breathing
    because breath-work is SO important in labor


When you join The Birth Lounge, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to craft your ideal birth with ALL the data to back up your choices, videos teaching you our best birthing secrets, and scripts to use for communication throughout pregnancy.

  • The C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Method that leads to shorter pushing times, less pain in labor, and decreased tearing.
  • The BRACE technique: stepping you through how to remain in control even when things don't go how you expected during labor. 
  • Fill in the Blank Scripts for communicating with your doctor, midwife, & nurse throughout pregnancy and labor
  • Video Trainings so you can learn and practice pain relief, pushing positions, and more along with me.
  • Cheat Sheets for our most valued topics like safe sitting for optimal positioning, signs of labor, and more...
  • Live calls with HeHe to get your own questions answered without judgement or biases.
  • Access to our private community guaranteed to be the virtual parenthood community you didn't even know you needed!

And much, much more!

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