How to Avoid a C-Section and Reduce Your Risk of Tearing

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 What you'll learn:

  • The top 3 reasons for cesarean sections in the US so you can understand how to avoid those common problems and interventions

  • How to find your hospitals stats around their rates of inductions & c-sections

  • The benefits of laboring at home (that most providers won't tell you) and how to know when it’s time to head to the hospital

  • What “failure to progress” actually is (and isn’t) and how to advocate for evidence-based care

  • The role of the FER (fetal ejection reflex) and the most effective pushing positions in labor for increased effectiveness

  • The importance and benefits of perineal massage ( how often you should be doing it!)

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Advocacy in the birth room is the greatest determinant of women’s birth stories. 

And advocating for themselves starts with being empowered with the right information…

…to confidently make decisions during labor, based on what is best for them.

Because here’s the thing – the U.S. has the highest c-section rate in the world.

And it’s because women don’t have the tools to navigate our broken system.

That’s why I’ve created my free class: How to Avoid a C-Section and Reduce Your Risk of Tearing.