Let's have a confident & informed birth!

...AND avoid unnecessareans!


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The most powerful tool that you have is your knowledge. The more you are prepared for what to expect, the better you will be able to navigate these conversations and advocate for yourself. 

The Birth Lounge Is For You If...

  • You know (or kinda know) what you want in labor, but you’re unsure how to make that happen

  • You’re birthing in a hospital or birth center

  • You want a low intervention birth but you’re unsure how to know whats evidence based vs whats not.

  • Want to speak up for yourself, but not sure how to approach this with your provider or what to actually say

  • You want to keep up with the latest research by national and international institutes on topics like induction, labor augmentation, and c-sections


The Birth Lounge


You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Birth Story?

We teach you how to have an informed and confident birth (medicated or unmedicated) and reduce your risk of a c-section with research-backed childbirth education and my signature CONTROL Method. You will learn:

  • How to achieve quicker/shorter push times to avoid tearing and pelvic floor damage

  • What's normal vs. not in order to communicate your birth goals & feel heard by your providers

  • Your options at each stage of labor so nothing is pushed or forced on your during labor

  • How to have conversations with your provider about your birth preferences

What's Included In The Birth Lounge...

1. Stages of labor and what to expect from each stage (yes, there are three stages!)

2. Pain relief in all stages of labor to help find the comfort measures perfect for you (natural and medicinal)

3. How to push effectively (and reduce tearing!) for a quick pushing time

4. How to know when you’re in labor and when to go to the hospital

5. How your partner can support you in each stage of labor

6. What does the research say about big babies, inductions, c-sections and other variations in birth

7. How to avoid a c-section and stay in control of your mindset during labor

8. How to communicate your birth goals and ensure your decisions are respected during labor


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I'm HeHe Stewart.

I want you to be informed, in control, and supported during labor. I believe you are strong and wise. I also believe in trusting the process and prioritizing with evidence-based education, supportive encouragement, and the freedom to choose what feels most aligned to you along this journey.

Birth is a magical and transformative time in your life and I want it to be a pleasant memory that you carry with you for the rest of your life. I know that birth in the US can feel really hard, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a positive hospital birth and avoid unnecessary interventions. 

I am obsessed with helping you learn your options in labor, know how to respectfully communicate those to your provider in your prenatals and how to stay in control during the decisions made in labor. 


"When I found the Birth Lounge, I knew this was for me because I found people with the same concerns I had and a non-judgemental support system. The kindness and helpfulness of the Birth Lounge team is ultimately what got me through my pregnancy and birth."

- Carolann Falotico 

"We truly cannot say enough positive things about our labor and delivery experience and how we felt prepared. We did not take any other classes to prep and it was just the two of us in the room. We have talked a bunch about how we were lucky to have such great care and know that is not the case for everyone. "

Abigail Svetiev 

"I walked out of my birth without feeling traumatized because things weren’t happening TO me, I was actively participating in my care. If I am so blessed as to have a third baby, I will no doubt return to the membership to continue and build my knowledge and advocacy!"

Brooke Bennett

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