New Moms Group with Tranquility by HeHe and

The Paint Bar


Do you wish you had other mom friends?

Do you feel information overload?

Are you feeling anxious about your birth or motherhood?

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Prepare for Your Baby 

Our Paint 'til You Pop class will teach you what to expect in labor, pain relief measures, and send you home with the cutest art to share when your baby arrives!

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Meet Your Mom Friends

The support systems around you can make or break your postpartum period. Our new moms groups are safe spaces to discuss everything from postpartum poop to communication with your partner to feeding and sleep challenges! 

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Make Fun Art 

From a baby announcement to "milestones" blocks, growth charts, and stools.. we've got art to make lasting memories at every stage!

Meet Jackie & HeHe

Jackie Schon, Co-owner of The Paint Bar, is the mastermind behind each creative design. Every piece is customizable to match your baby's nursery, your home decor, or any theme you choose! 


HeHe, the Founder of Tranquility by HeHe and creator of The Birth Lounge, is the expert on all things baby milestones, caring for your newborn, and navigating pregnancy and postpartum. 


Their energy is unmatched and their conversation is as real as it gets. This dynamic duo will change the way you view birth and motherhood. Get you creative juices flowing while creating lasting friendships that will be your support system in parenting. 

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Filled with many unknowns, questions, identity shifts, sleepless nights, and a lot of excitement, pregnancy is hard. Being with other pregnant mamas can be so supportive and fun! During these sessions, you will get childbirth education, pain relief tips for labor AND physical pain relief tools that you can add to your birth bag.

We will talk bout what to expect in labor, who to communicate your brith goals, ways your partner can support you during birth, and everything you need to know about your newborn and surviving the fourth trimester! 


Our ONLINE Paint 'til You Pop Class:

Stay Tuned for our next openings in a Paint 'til You Pop Class! 


See IN STUDIO pregnancy classes! **All In-Studio classes have been cancelled until further notice. 

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0-3 Months New Moms Group 

The fourth trimester is an intense time of life. It's brutal and beautiful all wrapped in one. It's also filled with tons of questions and lots of late night google searches! Save yourself the anxiety and join our 0-3 month group to learn from other mamas and the experts! 

Feeding your baby (breast or bottle), sleep, avoiding germs, returning back to work, and "mom anxiety" are the hot topics of our conversations! We aren't afraid to dive into the uncomfortable because it's the only way to finding balance! 


Our ONLINE new moms groups: 

Tuesdays from 10-11:30am, starting 4/14/20


See IN STUDIO new moms groups!  **All In-Studio classes have been cancelled until further notice. 

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4-6 Months New Moms Group 

Your baby is mastering head control and is becoming more alert! Your baby may be starting to roll over and it’s brought about hundreds of safe sleep questions!  You're also wondering how to entertain a baby, when sleep will get rhythmic and what you can do to support your child’s next physical milestone like sitting up?

From feeding to naps and sleep training to developmental growth, we've got you covered. Your baby is only going to get busier and bigger, we want to help you in knowing how to support that!


Our ONLINE 4-6m new moms groups:

Tuesdays at 1-2:30pm, Starting 4/14/20


See IN STUDIO new moms groups!  **All In-Studio classes have been cancelled until further notice. 


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7-9 Months New Moms Group 


Your baby is probably on the move--either crawling, scooting or scaling! This is such a fun time in your baby's life. They are so full of expression, both intellectually and emotionally. But, it can be tough to navigate these months as your baby tests your boundaries!

Your baby might experience stranger danger (a totally normal milestone), experience a sleep regression during this time (another totally normal milestone) or you may be looking for help on how to baby proof your home! We dive into everything you need to know bout being the mom of a mover! 


See ONLINE new moms groups! 

Mondays from 8-9:30pm, Starting 4/13/20


See IN STUDIO new moms groups!  **All In-Studio classes have been cancelled until further notice. 

You deserve to enjoy motherhood!

This community is a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing environment. Join the weekly fun and supportive group where parents can connect and share the joys of their growing babies, as well as the challenges - all while creating customized keepsakes for their baby!

During our 6 weeks together, we will introduce developmentally appropriate toys to use with your baby, along with new activities to keep them stimulated and encourage intellectual advancements. We'll discuss both the joys and difficulties that come with your growing little human and answer any questions you may have about this stage of parenting.

Most importantly you can make friends and find confidence in yourself as a mom and a new parent! You will be surrounded by a group of amazing moms with babies a similar age as yours looking for the same support and community as you are and understand the sleep deprivation and mom-brain moments - all while making artwork and keepsakes for their soon to be newborn's nursery.

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