$99.00 USD

Single Class-Postpartum Planning, April 3rd

Welcoming a bundle of joy into your life is equally exciting and terrifying! We are going to set you up for success when it comes to understanding how to have a smooth transition to life with baby on the outside! 

Sleep deprivation, breastfeeding and witching hour! Oh my! Postpartum is a unique time in life where you are witnessing magical growth in your baby, rediscovering yourself and establishing new boundaries in your relationship with your partner. We want to take away all the 'mental load' that comes with preparing for a new baby and help you enjoy this journey. 




In this class, you will learn about:

  • Postpartum Healing- physical, mental and emotional including mental health, nutritional and community resources to help support your postpartum health
  • Understand newborn development and what to expect from your baby in terms of growth spurt, witching hours and colic
  • How to support your newborn's sleep development so you can hit their weight gain goals and get long stretches of sleep at night including the data behind swaddling + safe sleep recommendations 
  • How to set up 'adult sleep schedules' within your household to maximize your sleep including how to shift the household labor to accommodate your new schedule of having a newborn + baby wearing options 

There will be a hands-on component to this class where you will be able to practice your swaddling and baby wearing skills!


It doesn't matter your postpartum goals-- this class is for anyone who is having a baby soon and wanting to remain sane through the experience!