$99.00 USD

Single Class: How to have an Empowered Induction and Reduce Your Risk of a Cesarean May 1st, 2024

Induction is associated higher risk of c-section, but there are tools you can use and medications you can utilize to have a positive induction experience and have a vaginal birth! 

Whether you are choosing an elective induction or are needing a medical induction, you deserve to have a positive experience. The goal with induction is to mimic the biological labor process. 




This class will provide you with:

  • A foundation in understanding our nation’s rising c-section rate, contributing factors, and how you can reduce your personal risk when having your baby! 
  • An explanation of the medications and tools used in the induction process + pros and cons of each choice so you can discuss your preferences with your provider
  • Education around 'stacking' each induction medication or tool to mimic natural labor
  • Realistic expectations of the induction process and how it may impact your labor 


It doesn't matter your birth goals-- this class is for people who want an unmedicated or medicated experience!