The Childbirth Education you've been waiting on is here!


Learn how to have your best birth! This series will teach you how to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the hospital system to have a birth experience that you love.



Single Class, $99/class


Bundle, $350/5 classes


All classes are 5:30pm-7:30pm at Baby Booty Workout in Dedham, MA!


March 6th: General Childbirth Education

March 13th: Pain Relief in Labor

March 20th: Pushing & Breathing in Birth

March 27th: Having an Empowered Induction, Reducing C-section Risk

April 3rd: Postpartum Planning


A Deep Dive, $99/class

Learn everything you need to know about one of the topics below to have an amazing birth experience. 

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Total Preparation Bundle, $350

Gain a deep understanding of all the decisions that impact your birth experience, how you can control for them, and what your options are at each stage of labor. Plus you will learn how your partner can play a supportive role (in birth AND postpartum) that helps you achieve your best birth and smooth transition to life with a newborn. 

  • General Childbirth Education- an overview of birth 
  • Pain Relief Options in Labor - medicated & non- pharmacological
  • Pushing and Breathing- how to work with your body to reduce pushing times & decrease tearing
  • How to Reduce Your Risk of a C-section- and, how to increase your chances of a vaginal birth
  • Postpartum Planning- how to prepare your expectations, your relationship and your home for a newborn
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Who are your educators?


HeHe is the Founder of Tranquility by HeHe and creator of The Birth Lounge. With a Master's in Human Development & Family Studies, she created a childbirth education curriculum that puts the power back into parents hand to be the decision makers of their birth experience. She believes that when given transparent and evidence based information, parents will always make the right choice for their family. Intentionally preparing for birth is key to achieving a birth that you love. HeHe will prepare you to feel confident in making informed decisions throughout labor and work collaboratively with your medical team to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Caitlin LeBeau

Caitlin believes that mother's know themselves best when it comes to making decisions around their birth, but the hospital system can sometimes make that feel hard to do. She will have you ready to advocate for any situation that surfaces in labor so you can confidently navigate conversations with your provider, then make decisions that feel best to you. Caitlin is going to teach you how to weight pros and cons of each option for each choice you have to make and how to determine which option is best for you. With a background as a Developmental Specialist, Caitlin enjoys  helping parents build their understanding of birth &  instilling confidence in their skills to have their best birth.