Feeling Anxious about Your Birth?

I help women feel in control of their pregnancies to prepare for birth and avoid birth trauma by exploring their options with evidence based information.
Let's Redefine Birth!

I know you're anxious about birth. 

I know exactly what you're fearful of, too! You're scared for your safety and your baby's safety, scared of the pain, scared of losing control. Oh yeah, there's the fear of tearing and also pushing for hours and hours... I know exactly  what you mean. I've got a secret that will help you birth confidently and without fear. Every single one of those are valid fears, but I want to help you work through them before labor so they don't hold up the birthing process.

I know mama's (and mama's-to-be!) have BUSY schedules and I want to be there for YOU when it works for YOU. Click below to watch our webinar on YOUR schedule.

Learn to Birth Confidently

If you are a pregnant mama, I have the PERFECT training for you. In less than ONE HOUR of your time join me as  this webinar covers the basics for mindset and birth preparation. It will help you unravel the “unknown” of birth and show you exactly how you can stay in control starting now. This is perfect for women who desire a gentle and controlled birth experience and believes with the right preparation (mentally, physically, & emotionally) that birth is a natural process that will unfold as it's intended, but understands the importance of knowing your options and choices. 

If knowledge is power, but you don't know any of your options--with whom does the power lie?

Hosted by Hehe Stewart, birth and newborn expert and the founder of Tranquility by HeHe Maternity Concierge.

What HeHe is teaching: 

  1. Guidance for your birth plan

  2. How to choose your birth team

  3. How to stay in control during labor

  4. Ways you can prepare your mindset for birth 

  5. Suggestions for physical preparation for labor

Un-Fear Birth!

"Monday at 5:48pm we welcomed our first baby into the world! 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches long. I may have labored for 16 hours but I only had to push 5 times in less than 10 minutes for her to make her grand entrance! I can’t thank HeHe and The Birth Lounge enough for educating me on how to bring my baby girl into this world trauma free! I never thought I’d say this (bc I’ve been scared like crazy of giving birth!) but I already cannot wait to have another baby."

- Erica F

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